9 Ways to Maximize Your Walmart+ Membership


The premium membership club at Walmart+ offers same-day delivery on over 160,000 of the retail giant’s items. But what distinguishes Walmart+ from similar services such as Amazon Prime and Target’s Same Day Delivery (shopped by Shipt)? And does it justify the annual subscription fee? Here is all you need to know about Walmart’s new membership programme, how it differs from other same-day delivery services available to customers, and how to maximise your membership if you decide to sign up.

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What exactly is Walmart +

Amazon Prime revolutionised online shopping in 2005. It brought a convenience that customers now demand from other businesses, so Walmart launched a comparable service to compete with Amazon. Walmart purchased, an Amazon-like e-commerce company, in 2016. Reuters reported in 2019 that Walmart chose to phase out since it didn’t take off as planned.

Walmart +, introduced in September 2020, is the company’s latest e-commerce endeavour. It promises same-day delivery on any Walmart goods, including groceries. Buyers may return goods in-store, and the Walmart + app streamlines in-store purchasing, making the new service stand out. Walmart + members may save money at petrol stations, unlike Amazon Prime and Target.

Here’s how Walmart+ works.

Subscribers may order gadgets, toys, home staples, and groceries for free same-day delivery from Walmart. Check if delivery is available before signing up. Since December 4, 2020, Walmart + orders no longer need to fulfil a $35 minimum to qualify for free delivery. You can order as often as you’d like (even twice in one day if time slots are available) and track your driver’s location in the app once your order has left the store. Contactless delivery requires no signature.

Members who use the Walmart app and mask up can utilise the Scan & Go option in-store. Load a debit card or credit card into your app, then scan the QR code at a self-checkout kiosk. This provides your receipt and lets a Walmart associate check your ID if you bought age-restricted items. The kiosk bags purchases. Walmart doesn’t accept coupons through Scan & Go, so you can’t get savings.

When Walmart + was began, members could save up to 5 per gallon at Walmart, Murphy USA, and Murphy Express gas stations. As of April 27,2022, members may save up to 10 per gallon at Exxon & Mobil stations, select Walmart & Murphy stations, and Sam’s Club fuel centres. Check this map for participating gas stations near you. To save at gas stations, pick member pricing in the Walmart app and follow the steps. You must pay at the pump, hence payments must be cashless (contact-free, too). You can obtain unlimited reduced gallons, and if you fill up more than once a day, you still get member discounts.

If you’ve signed up or are considering a switch from Prime, here’s what you need to know about Walmart’s subscription service.

1. Save Money

Walmart + offers monthly and annual subscriptions, like many others. Pay $12.95/month or $98/year. Depends on your shopping habits. The yearly membership saves $57 if you’re a frequent Walmart shopper. Holiday shopping and travel discounts? Month-to-month is best. A yearlong Amazon Prime subscription saves $36 over a monthly plan.

2. E-commerce

Large merchants’ online and in-store costs differ. Walmart’s in-store pricing may be lower than’s.
If you order online, select “in-store pickup” while checking out, and your product will be ready in 24 hours or less.

3. Free Trial Danger

Early entrance advantages are unavailable to Walmart + members using the 30-day free trial. Workaround: Skip the 30-day free trial and start paying immediately.

Scroll down to Early Entry on the sign-up page and select Start Paid Membership. You’ll be led to a checkout page where you may pay for Walmart +. (The fine print on that page should state “By signing up, you agree that we’ll charge the above payment to your chosen fee card” Click the 30-day free trial button.)

4. Buy groceries early

“Early bird gets the worm” Early bird gets fantastic grocery savings!
GoBankingRates says shopping at Wal-Mart in the morning might save you money on meat.

By 8 a.m., the meat department has lowered their meat, says’s Dian Farmer.

5. Buy meds at Walmart

Most generic medicines are $4 per month at Wal-Mart. Check Wal-website Mart’s for $4 prescriptions before switching pharmacies.

6. Buy discounted baked goods

Check the bakery for discounted bread, croissants, and other baked items when grocery shopping. Wal-Mart discounts day-old bakery products like other supermarkets. The only difference is pricing.

7. Medications

Walmart + may save you money on expensive prescriptions. Members get free prescriptions and up to 85% off other drugs at Walmart Pharmacies. You’ll get a digital savings card using the Walmart mobile app to fill medications.
This isn’t insurance and can’t be combined with others. Arizona, Massachusetts, Minnesota, North Dakota, Vermont, and Puerto Rico are excluded from discounts. California doesn’t allow $0 medications, however some are $2.
Open Walmart + RX, search for your meds, then input your city or ZIP code to discover local pharmacies. You’ll see each store’s drug pricing. You may select between generic and brand names, pill type, dosage, and tablet quantity. In the image above, generic Lipitor costs $15. $9 Crestor.

8. Coupons and cash back

You may use coupons at Wal-Mart despite its low costs.

Wal-Mart offers a section of its website dedicated to coupons. If you locate a coupon that’s more than the item’s price, Wal-Mart will refund the difference or apply it to other goods.

9. Wal-Mart app

Wal-app Mart’s can save you money.

You may compare in-store and online pricing to get the best bargain. The coolest feature of the Wal-Mart app is the Savings Catcher, which compares costs at local businesses, including discount products, when you scan a receipt.

If the app discovers a lesser price, you’ll get a gift card. You may browse the weekly ad and compare in-store and online prices on the app.


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