Abortion-related videos that contain misinformation will be removed from YouTube.


Users who post videos containing disinformation about abortion will be punished more severely by YouTube, the company announced on Thursday (21). Fake news posts link to the subject will be remove by the company.

Only a few weeks after the US Supreme Court ruled against access to abortion, the platform has made its choice. Debates regarding the topic are fierce online, and there’s no shortage of incorrect or misinformed material.

You will Bann from YouTube if you post videos that contain misleading or false information. Clips taken out of context, or that promote dangerous drugs, cures, treatments, contradict medical and legal authorities about safe practices.

YouTube’s Twitter thread that “For all of its health rules, the company relies solely on instructions issued by health authorities. As events occur in the real world.  We constantly assess our rules and products up to date and relevant to the needs of our customers.”

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Tech titans are now aware of these conversations. As a precaution to ensure the privacy of women who have sought an abortion, Google has announced that it will no longer save any data on their visits to an abortion clinic.

However, a Meta executive has ruled that discussing abortion in the workplace could lead to a “hostile work environment”. Additionally, PlayStation’s CEO Jim Ryan received criticism for an email he sent out in which he implied that some of his staff found the message “funny”

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