Bluetooth: an update with audio enhancements is on the way.


The Bluetooth Special Interest Group has officially “launched” Bluetooth LE, which was first announced in 2020. (SIG). Sound quality will improve, and devices will use less energy with the updated version of this well-liked technology.

Bluetooth Low Energy (thus the LE in the name) is a feature that aims to reduce your device’s energy usage. Battery life is reduced as a result of the reduced energy consumption of the devices involved in the data transfer process.

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This is only feasible because of the new LC3 codec, which promises to improve the efficiency of audio transmission. With this technique, you may send higher-quality audio while maintaining a constant bitrate.

“New forms of audio peripherals, such as Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids, will be made possible by LE Audio‘s lower power capabilities, as well as improved instrument formats. Hearing aids will become a reality thanks to LE Audio. less invasive and more comfortable ”
– Dave Hollander, SIG’s marketing director, presents this information.

Auracast Broadcast Audio is another new feature that enables several users to connect to the same audio source simultaneously. Many individuals can hear what is being played on the phone if they use numerous pairs of headphones and a single smartphone.
New releases are expected to have Bluetooth LE incorporated into them, but SIG expects that some existing devices will be able to use the technology via upgrades. AirPods Pro 2 is expected to be the first to implement the feature.

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