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Bug Spams Celebrity Facebook Feeds With Fan Comments

Facebook feeds

Wednesday morning, an unusual problem affected Facebook feeds worldwide. Celebrity accounts posted endlessly. [1] Many users who tried to utilise the social media site encountered extra material, and the main news Feed inundated with tiny posts made to celebrity profiles like Nirvana, The Beatles, Lady Gaga, Metallica. [2] The mayhem continued at least three hours till 5:15 AM ET.

The Facebook spokesman stated the configuration update created the problem, which affected many users’ Facebook Feeds. Company said problem was addressed. During those three hours, social media users complained and spammed celebrity postings with memes.

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 Facebook troubles

Many people complained about their feeds, while others experienced the outage. A third-party monitoring service said so. Unknown whether outages and other difficulties were due to the glitch and major bug or if content spam generated further social media troubles.

Facebook’s Meta-linked apps reach 3 billion users every month.

[4] The website renamed the news feed to feed this year and added an option to show social media and family updates in reverse chronological order.

This year, this social media’s popularity declined. 32% of 13-to-17-year-olds use Facebook, although just 2% do so frequently. Meta reported decreased income and increased daily user losses.

Facebook problems after big modifications

User growth has slowed and reached a ceiling, but that’s not Meta’s only concern. Facebook has accepted its downfall. During these 18 years, the platform may have gained more users, but it peaked. [5]

Apple’s App tracking transparency shift has damaged Meta’s revenue model. iPhone users may let applications track and monitor their web activity. Facebook’s business can’t continue. People opted out of this app because other applications need specific permission to monitor habits and behaviour. Fewer Facebook users.

Google also collects advertising income, so Facebook can’t monetize and utilise advertisements as previously. The corporation is reliant on ad revenue. TikTok, Twitter, and Reels’ prominence means consumers seldom use Facebook and want rapid content. Smaller numbers and more privacy and security concerns may signal the demise of social media like this.

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