Cloud-flare Blocks Transgender Kiwi Farms Threatened


Cloud-flare terminated Kiwi Farms, a platform for doxxing, harassing, and threatening trans persons, amid consumer outcry.

Since 2013, Kiwi Farms has existed. Twitch broadcaster Clara “Keffals” Sorrenti recorded her difficulties to keep her family safe when Kiwi Farms members “swatted” her as part of their continuous campaign against her.

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Cloud-flare CEO Matthew Prince and Global Head of Public Policy Alissa Starzak said in an Aug. 31 blog post that the company wouldn’t drop Kiwi Farms as a customer despite knowing its users threatened privacy and safety. Prince and Starzak stated the firm suppressed social media comments urging for them to dump Kiwi Farms. This increased scrutiny of Cloudflare’s policies coincided with a sharp drop in its stock price on the New York Stock Exchange, from $78.61 on Aug. 11 to $58.71 at time of writing.

Prince said Cloudflare withdrew Kiwi Farms on Sept. 3 in a highly criticised blog post. Cloudflare didn’t comment immediately.

Sorrenti responded to Cloudflare’s decision:
Kiwi Farms fell unreachable after Cloud-flare’s statement, claims Vice. Due to an urgent and emergency threat to human life, Cloud-flare banned access to the site’s content. At the time of writing, that error notice still remains.

Kiwi Farms apparently migrated to Telegram.

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