Creators can now share non-fiction texts (NFTs) – Meta

Meta has confirmed the debut of NFTs on Facebook and has already begun selecting certain authors to test the service, according to information from the TechCrunch website. Users in the United States can now post tokens that are non-fungible on their social media sites.
In addition to a collections tab on Facebook, NFTs will also be presented as status updates, where you may like, react and comment. A “slow launch” is how the business describes the rollout of the function, which it has not yet verified would be available to all Facebook users.

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NFTs on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram

However, thanks to Meta’s product manager, Navdeep Singh, who shared some screenshots on Twitter, we now know what the NFTs Facebook integration interface will look like.
Only Ethereum (ETH), Polygon (MATIC), and Solana (SOL) NFTs and Flow tokens can currently be linked to Facebook by select authors, according to Decrypt. Facebook will add support for other NFTs, including those from other cryptocurrencies in the near future (FLOW).

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