Xiaomi band pro

Design and release date of Xiaomi’s Mi Band 7 Pro have been revealed.

Xiaomi band pro

Xiaomi’s Mi Band 7 Pro, the most expensive version of the latest generation of smart bracelets, will be released on October 30th, Xiaomi announced on Tuesday. The maker also posted a teaser of the smartphone on the social media network Weibo, displaying a significant shift in appearance.

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Check out the price and specifications of the new Xiaomi Mi Band 7 Pro here.

The Xiaomi 12S smartphone series, as well as the Pro version of Xiaomi’s Mi Band 7 Pro, will be unveiled on July 4th, according to the Chinese manufacturer. The new product will look more like a smartwatch than a standard smart tracker pill when it is finished.

Another similarity to the Redmi Smart Band Pro is that the future release appears to have an aluminum casing instead of plastic. The firm provided no information on the characteristics, not even the screen size.

It is predicted that the Xiaomi Mi Band 7 Pro would have capabilities like an oximeter, heart rate and sleep monitoring, and compatibility for more than a hundred sporting activities, as well as a few extras. The white and black versions of the model should be available, albeit they may be more expensive than the regular model.

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