Digital entrepreneurship courses are available for free from GoDaddy.


Take advantage of the long holiday weekend in July to brush up on your digital entrepreneurial skills with a free online course offered by GoDaddy. The second-semester e-commerce dates, such as Black Friday and Christmas, are included in the content.

Nilton Kleina and Joy Macedo, who are part of the TecMundo team, give online classes on how to get along and make money with e-commerce. Some of the subjects covered include: mental triggers for sales, social media marketing ideas, and Google AdWords.

Although as part of GoDaddy’s free vacation course titled “How to Sell Online,” the company provides information on the benefits of content marketing, the strategy for attracting clients through the creation of unique content, and other important information. People who already operate as internet entrepreneurs can take classes, as well as those who want to learn more about it.

YouTube is where you’ll find all of GoDaddy’s online classes.
GoDaddy’s YouTube channel has a number of educational videos.
GoDaddy/YouTube as source

Small company owners and those who aspire to start a digital business are the focus of GoDaddy’s goal. With our YouTube videos, we share our knowledge and expertise with everyone, regardless of whether or not they are our clients,” says Luiz D’Elboux, the company’s country manager in Brazil.

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how to get in

You may access GoDaddy’s free online digital entrepreneurship course on YouTube. Six 15-minute video classes break down the material, making it accessible at any time and from any location.

To be clear, this online holiday course does not require students to register in advance. If you want to see everything, all you have to do is visit the video platform’s playlist.


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