EVGA's graphics card

EVGA’s Graphics Card Market Quit Due To Nvidia

EVGA's graphics card
EVGA’s Graphics Card Market Quit Due to Nvidia

EVGA, Nvidia’s leading add-in-board partner, is changing. It’s done with Nvidia and won’t make GPUs. JayZTwoCents and GamersNexus interviewed EVGA CEO Andrew Han on his frustrations with Nvidia and the decision. Jon Peddie Research also wrote about it.

“We won’t be on Jensen Huang’s lap on stage, so I don’t want people to speculate,” GamersNexus said. Burke paraphrases Han. “EVGA won’t sell next-gen.”

EVGA’s Jacob Freeman directed Tom’s Hardware to its forums when asked for comment.

“EVGA will continue selling and supporting the present lineup. EVGA thanks its community for years of support and passion for their EVGA’s graphics cards.” EVGA said it will not carry the next generation of GPUs, support current generation goods, and “continue to provide current generation products,” but it didn’t say for how long.

Han met with two tech YouTubers and embargoed their videos, so there may be more to the story.

“We’ve had a terrific connection with EVGA over the years and will continue to support them,” Nvidia’s GeForce global public relations director told Tom’s Hardware. “Best wishes to Andrew and EVGA”

EVGA will maintain the RTX 30-series till stock runs out. The company won’t partner with AMD or Intel and will instead focus on other goods for the foreseeable future (EVGA provides power supplies, coolers, and motherboards).

The corporation has held back some stock to replace warranty cards, protecting current customers for now.

EVGA Next:

EVGA, formed in 1999, didn’t immediately comment. Gamers Nexus reports that Nvidia will sell all remaining RTX 3000 GPUs by the end of the year. EVGA plans to continue selling PC components despite downsizing. Gamers Nexus estimates that 78% of EVGA’s income originates from video cards.

EVGA says in a forum post that it will continue to sell and service its current lineup. EVGA thanks the community for its support and passion for its EVGA’s graphics cards.

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