Facebook Live Shopping

Facebook Live Shopping Has Been Shattered For Reels.

Facebook Live Shopping

Facebook announced “Facebook Live Shopping” in 2020 so customers could purchase straight from live feeds. However, Facebook Live Shoppiing was stopped Wednesday.

Facebook Live Shoppiing will end on October 1, 2022, according to a blog post. From then on, Facebook won’t allow Live Shopping events. Facebook Live will still be accessible, but users can’t produce or sell things during live broadcasts.

Facebook says customer behavior is shifting since most people prefer short videos. The firm will concentrate more on Instagram Reels, which lets users tag goods in videos.

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Not only Facebook is abandoning live shopping. After dismal performance in the UK, Tik Tok stated last month that it will not introduce Live Shopping to the US. Live Shopping is popular and profitable in China, Tik Tok’s native market, but not with Western consumers.

Internal Tik Tok reports say Live Shopping usage is “low and nascent,” resulting in dismal sales despite subsidies and monetary incentives to encourage businesses and influencers to utilise the platform. Facebook’s function might be affected.

Mark Zuckerberg’s firm, Meta, announced a quarterly sales decline last week. Wall Street experts say Tik Tok and Apple’s privacy policies are huge challenges for the firm.

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