Fake Instagram’s Verification Forms Are Phished.

Instagram's verification

Phishers use Instagram’s verification , blue checkmark to steal data.

Vade claims that phishers are sending Instagram users messages stating they may be authenticated if they complete out a form within 48 hours. This form requests users’ names, usernames, phone numbers, and email addresses before requesting passwords.

Moreover, “The body text claims the victim’s Instagram page has been evaluated,” says Vade. However, “The Instagram and Facebook logos in the email header and footer try to convey credibility; as does the victim’s real Instagram username, demonstrating the hackers researched their target before the assault.”

Vade states the communication is from “ig-badges” with the subject line “ig bluebadge info.” The business also highlights that the scammers create grammatical errors in the original communication and the harmful form.

In addition, Scammers target Instagram users who want to be verified and fear losing their opportunity if they don’t fill out the form within 48 hours. Even people who know how phishing attacks work can fall for the right lure.

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Campaign information

Threat analysts at Vade, an AI-based email security firm, detected the latest effort on July 22.
On July 28 and August 9, 2022, email distribution volumes increased with more than 1,000 phishing mails per day.
The Instagram and Facebook-branded notifications advise the receiver that their account is eligible for a blue badge and urge them to click on an embedded button to access the submission form.

The warning that the form will be erased in 48 hours creates a feeling of urgency and a limited chance.

The phishing form is hosted on “teamcorrectionbadges” to make it look like Instagram verifies users on a separate domain.

Furthermore, The phishing site uses a three-step form with Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Messenger, and Meta logos to appear legitimate.
The first form asks for “username,” the second for “name,” “email,” and “phone number,” and the third for “password” to verify account ownership.

Once the victim completes the process, Instagram contacts them in two days to verify their account. Final step includes a fake case ID.

Instagram badges

To avoid these frauds, you must grasp Instagram’s verification process.

First, social media won’t award a blue badge. Self-application is required.

Verification may only be requested through the official platform, never a secondary site.

Instagram blue badges are designated for prominent personalities, celebrities, and corporations, not normal users.

Phishers exploit Instagram users’ vanity.

Phishing campaigns are common and not restricted to Instagram.

Instagram has two-factor authentication for further account protection, so even if you give all your data to phishers, losing access would be difficult.


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