First PC? PCPartPicker Helps Customize Your Rig


Build your own PC? Perhaps you’re bored of pre-built PC bloatware. Maybe a friend is praising their build. Whatever the cause, starting can be difficult. PCPartPicker can help with this. How to surf the website and choose PC parts.

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PCPartPicker, created by Phillip Carmichael in 2011 and updated in 2015, is a comparative shopping site, but it’s not a direct provider, thus it’s not as constrained as Newegg’s PC Builder tool.
You may look up a part, compare prices at Amazon, Best Buy, and Newegg, then track those prices over time to obtain the best bargain. The site can track part compatibility, reducing returns (and refunds).


You can start your build in two places. PCPartPicker’s build guides range from the $500 Budget Home/Office Build to the $3,000 Glorious Intel Gaming/Streaming Build. Opening a build guide will tell you what each component is and why it was chosen.
Under Completed Builds, you can view other users’ PCPartPicker builds, including components, prices, and notes. Filtering options help you find a specific build.

You may rate builds and offer comments and questions after registering. As a flex, users can upload build metrics like core temp and clock rate. If you like someone’s build, you can use its parts list.

Parts Selection

Visit PC Builder to build your own PC. It’s only two steps more complicated than online shopping. Click a category to see its products.

From this page, you can refine your search by colour, power needs, and ratings and lowest price. Select an item using Add. PCPartPicker tracks price and quantity of parts as you select them. The site filters out incompatible components or warns you when necessary.
The site explains why certain elements are incompatible. This is helpful because some items require mounting adapters or screws.

A graphic on the PC Builder page helps you visualise your build’s details, such as the number of PCI Express slots on your motherboard or hard drive bays on your case. How about a capture card or additional RAM? Make sure it fits.

Create a shareable link at the top of PC Builder for a second opinion. A tech-savvy acquaintance can view your curated components list. You may also export to Reddit or PCPartPicker forums.

Parts Buy

You’ve finished building, and your pals are jealous. PCPartPicker can help you find a vendor. By default, the site selects the cheapest alternative for each component, but you can also buy everything from one seller.
Save your build if you’re not ready to buy. Set price notifications if your picks are too expensive.

PCPartPicker is a utility, however beneficial. Like any tool, using it effectively and having some background knowledge helps. Ask friends who have constructed computers for help, or follow online guidelines.

Then, help others. PCPartPicker was created by PC enthusiasts who noticed a need.

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