Fujitsu Will Provide Research Quantum Computers In 2023.


Fujitsu and Riken intend to provide quantum computers to corporations in April 2023.

Fujitsu is the first Japanese corporation to use this equipment. Google has lead the development of quantum computers, which can boost industry competitiveness and national security.

Fujitsu opened a site in Wako, Saitama, in April 2017 to develop quantum computers with government-backed Riken. The company says the research machines will be ready next year.

Financial predictions and new materials and pharmaceuticals will employ the computers.

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Quantum computers calculate quicker than supercomputers. They could change materials development and other industries, improving producers’ competitiveness in chemicals, pharmaceuticals, cars, and finance.

Fujitsu and Fujifilm began quantum computing-based material design research in April. They plan to add knowledge and data partners.

IBM’s quantum computer was installed in Kanagawa in 2021. Japanese corporations lag behind in computer development.

Fujitsu will employ Riken’s technology and know-how to manufacture quantum computers. Fujitsu will use a cooled “superconductive” circuit to minimise electrical resistance, like Google and IBM.

Google’s quantum computer completed a task in three minutes that would have taken a supercomputer 10,000 years.

Chinese colleges have improved their technology and launched more businesses in recent years.

Machines have their limits. Google hopes to commercialize its machine in 2029 for drug research and battery development, but challenges remain. Japanese companies can gain momentum if they use their strengths, such superconducting technology.

Qubits are the basic unit of computation and a measure of a quantum computer’s evolution.

Fujitsu’s 2021 computer will feature 64 qubits, more than Google’s 53 and second only to IBM’s 127. Fujitsu plans to develop a 1,000-qubit machine by 2026.

Boston Consulting Group believes quantum computing can generate $850 billion annually by 2040 owing to new materials and other discoveries.

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