Google App Updates

Google App Updates For Android Tablets

Google App Updates
Google App Updates For Android Tablets

Google App Updates 20 first-party apps for large screens at I/O 2022. This will be implemented eventually. Google enhances and improves its user experience. This improves the user experience and encourages other developers to do the same.

Tablet Friendly Google App Updates

1.Google TV

This app was redesigned at I/O. Now there’s an optimised version. Although without Material You onstage. A navigation rail with centred tabs replaces the bottom bar. The Google App Updates appearance is

2. Drive, Sheets, Slides

8/3/2012 Google just released tablet optimizations for Drive and Documents/Sheets/Slides. The capacity to:

Drag images/text from Chrome into a document or spreadsheet. Google Keep-like.
Drag-and-drop files to Google Drive.
Opening a folder’s overflow menu and selecting “Open in New Window” opens two Drive instances side-by-side.
[No live tests] Drag Drive files into Keep to add links.
Select, cut, copy, paste, undo, and redo are keyboard shortcuts in Disc, Document, and Slide.

3. YouTube

I/O 2022 announces YouTube Music for tablets. Now it’s out. Cover image and other details appear on the left, and the song list appears on the right.

4. Clock

Google Clock 7.2 appears on tablets as a left-side navigation rail. Vertical space is added. Two-column layouts are another change.

5. Calculator

Update 5/25: Version 8.2 of Google’s Calculator app adds a two-column layout for tablets and other large-screen devices. Other areas of the UI have shrunk, making it multitasking-friendly.

6. Google Lens

Update: Google app 13.19 Landscape mode for Google Lens. Android’s visual search function was formerly portrait-only.

7. Google Photo

Google Photos for Android was updated in January 2021. The web UI is similar. A left-side navigation rail lets you see more vertical content and tabs without feeling cramped. On Device, Utilities, Collections, and Trash are also easily accessible. Google has added a pill-shaped indicator to show which tab you’re seeing instead of highlighting the icon.
Above “Google Photos” is a rounded search bar. Swiping up displays the right pane while viewing a photo fullscreen, and the upper-right corner presents activities with icons.

8. Calendar

Google Calendar is my favourite tablet programme because of its Day and Schedule views, which show the complete month on the left with a list of events next to it and graphics in the background. No modifications appear planned.

9. Chrome

Chrome on Android tablets resembles the desktop. Tab strips and Omnibox layout were used. Multitasking support includes several windows.

10. YouTube

YouTube is a tablet-friendly app. Interface has two-column views.

11. Translate

Despite Google Translate’s tablet optimization. This app should be sparse and have lots of space.


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