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Google Play Has 36 Harmful Android Apps

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Google Play Store has 36 Android apps with adware and malware. Some have been downloaded nearly 10 million times; all must be removed from Android smartphones immediately.

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According to Bleeping Computer, Russian anti-malware outfit Doctor Web found the programmes. Apps offer photo editing, virtual keyboards, system optimization, wallpaper changers, UI skins, and a notes/lists programme. All apps hijack social network accounts, show obtrusive adverts, or sign users up for expensive services.

Adware-focused programmes beg to be excluded from the battery saver so they can run constantly. They want to overlay apps. Once installed, they hide or replace their app icon with one that says it’s a system app. This page includes a list of harmful apps.
Three apps use Android Joker malware to run arbitrary code and subscribe users to premium mobile services. Apps include:


4K camera

Emoji stickers

“Water Reminder- Tracker & Reminder” and “Yoga- For Beginner to Advanced,” load webpages and click banner and commercial buttons. Another, “Chat Online,” targets dating apps to steal personal information or imitate a chat with a genuine person before demanding payment.

“YouToon – AI Cartoon Effect” and “Pista – Cartoon Photo Effect” steal data to access Facebook accounts.

Android users should check their devices for these apps. If so, delete them manually and run a virus scan to be sure nothing is left behind.
Be vigilant afterward. More apps may be removed from Google Play. Always read the comments and study the developer before installing a new programme.

Malicious Android apps include:

  • Beauty Filter (gb.artfilter.tenvarnist)
  • Retouch & Cutout (de.nineergysh.quickarttwo)
  • Art Filters (gb.painnt.moonlightingnine)
  • Photo-Designer (gb.twentynine.redaktoridea)
  • Background eraser & photo editor (de.photoground.twentysixshot)
  • Exif Editor (de.xnano.photoexifeditornine)
  • Filters Effects Photo Editor (de.hitopgop.sixtyeightgx)
  • Photo Effects (de.sixtyonecollice.cameraroll)
  • Image Blurring (de.instgang.fiftyggfife)
  • Cut-and-paste in photo editor (de.fiftyninecamera.rollredactor)
  • Stickers & GIF Emoji Keyboard (gb.crazykey.sevenboard)
  • Keyboard Neon (
  • Android Neon Keyboard (
  • Cashier (
  • Charging Fancy (
  • CashCleaner: FastCleaner (
  • Caller Skins (
  • Caller Funny (
  • CallMe Ringtones (
  • Background: InCall (
  • MyCall Personalizes Calls (
  • Ringtone (com.caller.theme.slow)
  • Ringtone (com.callertheme.firstref)
  • Live Screen Wallpapers (
  • Auto-change 4K wallpapers (de.andromo.ssfiftylivesixcc)
  • 4D Wallpapers: NewScrean (
  • Backgrounds and backgrounds (de.stockeighty.onewallpapers)
  • Lists and reminders (
  • 4K camera
  • Onlinechat
  • Emoji stickers
  • Cartoon Photo Effect
  • Launcher
  • Water Tracker- Reminder
  • Beginner-Advanced Yoga
  • AI Cartoon Effect YouToon


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