Google Stadia Pro subscribers

Google Stadia Pro Subscribers Get 1440p Resolution

Google Stadia Pro subscribers
Google Stadia Pro Subscribers Get 1440p Resolution

Google Stadia is a popular cloud gaming streaming platform for Samsung laptops, smartphones, tablets, and TVs. It supports Full HD and 4K gaming and QHD (1440p) streaming.

The game streaming service already allowed 1440p streaming, but it was only activated when using a monitor or TV with a resolution between 1080p and 4K. Now, the corporation offers 1440p resolution.
The new quality setting in Google Stadia’s desktop client uses up to 14.4GB of bandwidth each hour of gameplay. That’s more than 1080p (12.6GB) and 4K (20GB) The new quality setting could come to smartphones, tablets, TVs, and Chromecast with Google TV.

Google Stadia Pro subscribers can stream in 1440p. Hopefully, non-Pro users will get the feature soon. This setting is for Galaxy Book and Odyssey laptops connected to QHD monitors.


Google’s game-streaming service called Stadia. Similar to NVIDIA GeForce Now and Amazon Luna, it streams cloud-hosted games to any device. If your internet is fast enough, you can stream Stadia games directly to your devices.

Stadia lets you play new games with gorgeous graphics and excellent framerates without a PC or next-gen console. Instead, you can play on the devices you possess already. iPhones, MacBooks, Chromebooks, Chrome OS tablets, and Android TV or Google TV devices are Stadia-compatible.

Unlike GeForce Now, you must buy Stadia ports to play games. Stadia Pro subscribers have an expanding game library.


Stadia’s subscription need is a common question. No, you can buy and play any game without a subscription. If you plan to use Stadia often, a Pro subscription is worth considering.

First, Stadia Pro’s game broadcast is higher quality. The free Stadia tier streams at 1080p with stereo sound at 60 FPS. Stadia Pro enables 4K streaming at 60 FPS and 5.1 surround sound. Google promised Pro members 8K gaming at 120 FPS.

Stadia Pro members can add free games to their collection. Unlike other gaming subscriptions, Pro games can be added all at once. Stadia Pro removes games after a specified time. Cancelling your subscription will remove all claimed Stadia Pro games from your library; renewing will restore them.

Stadia Pro offers discounts on specific games.

Regardless of tier, you can only stream Stadia games in supported countries. Google currently offers the service in 22 countries.

Finland Czech Republic
France \sGermany
Ireland \sItaly
Puerto Rico and Alaska can use Stadia, but Hawaii and Guam can’t. Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Portugal, Romania, and Slovakia don’t sell the Stadia controller. Stadia controller, certified Google TV or Android TV device, or Chromecast Ultra will still work if purchased in Europe.

Shared Stadia Games Are For Who?

Up to six Google family group members can play your games. Every Stadia member can play shared games, even if they didn’t buy or claim them. Your family can’t play a shared game over the manager’s rating.

Google Stadia Family Group Setup

Google family group registration is required for sharing. If you haven’t already, create a family group with the same email address you used to create your Stadia account. You’ll need family payment methods to add them to your family group for sharing games. On desktop and the Stadia app, you can create a family group. login

  • Right-click your Avatar.
  • Configure Stadia
  • Family-first
  • Begin
  • Follow on-screen directions to add family members’ payment methods.
  • App Stadia
  • Launch the Stadia app.
  • Avatar-tap
  • Family-focused
  • Begin

Set up family groups and payment options using on-screen instructions.

Stadia Family Sharing: How To Enable?

Any family member can turn on family sharing after creating the family group and payment methods. You don’t need to share family-shared games.
To enable family sharing, do these:

  • Sign into
  • Select Avatar and Settings
  • Families
  • Configure
  • Choose how to share games.
  • To share all games, select Automatically share all.
  • Choose Don’t auto-share specific games.
  • Save

Regardless of your settings, you can turn on or off game sharing at any moment.


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