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Google Voice Scam: Sell Used Items Safely

sell used items

Summer is a great season to sell used items and generate money. If you don’t want to brave the heat at a garage sale, try shopping apps like Mercari or Poshmark. Apps are easier to use and safer than Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace.

Selling locally and only accepting cash helps avoid scammers. Not everyone lives in a garage sale- or clothing-swap-friendly area. Apps for buying and selling used goods offer convenience for buyers and sellers, as well as seller protections like money-back guarantees and customer support protocols.

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Digital accomplice

Local community boards may help you sell used items faster, but you risk scammers linking your account to a crime.

Scammers utilise community boards to get Google Voice phone numbers from vendors, according to WGME in Portland, Maine. They utilise the stolen number to defraud other sellers.
“Scammers target internet sellers and pose as potential buyers. They send the seller a Google verification code. They ask the merchant for the code to authenticate their identity. It’s a Google Voice scam, and the fraudster wants the victim’s code to generate a new phone number related to the seller. They use the victim’s name to defraud others unnoticed.”

No Google Voice? Victimization is possible. ITRC warns scammers can link Google Voice to a victim’s phone number. Using the victim’s identity, the fraudster posts a phoney post offering the identical things and uses the same name as the actual vendor.

ITRC received 4,000 Google Voice fraud allegations in 2021. 37% of ITRC scam reports in 2022 are about scams.

Retrieve a lost Google Voice number

Google is aware. Getting your stolen Google Voice number back is easy. Reclaim your Google Voice number in four steps.

1. Visit and click Settings. Click New connected number.

2. Link your phone number to Google Voice.

3. If it’s a landline, click Verify by phone and call. Google Voice calls for the code. Then click Verify. Google Voice provides the code through text message if you’re on a mobile device.

4. Click Claim to add the number to your account.

If you still want to sell on a local community marketplace, take some precautions:
Don’t accept Venmo, Velle, PayPal, etc. from strangers.

Never deposit an overpayment.

Don’t share your Google Voice verification code with strangers.

Invest in identity theft software for insurance-backed remediation.

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