Google's Chromebooks

Google’s Chromebooks Background Blur & Framing

Google's Chromebooks
Google’s Chromebooks

After the COVID-19 outbreak, video calling became crucial. Video calling is crucial to modern business. Google wants to catch up to Apple’s macOS video calling features. Google’s Chromebooks may soon have video chatting options including backdrop blur, portrait lighting, and more.

Having native background blur is better than using an app. New code suggests Google Chrome OS may soon copy Apple’s camera effects. At least initially, the backdrop blur function will be flagged. Only newer Chrome OS devices will enable this machine learning-powered functionality.

Google’s Chromebooks Background Blur

Google will use machine learning to soften backgrounds. This implies newer ChromeOS devices are required.

Apps provide innovative techniques to increase video call quality. Some applications allow users to alter their backdrop, blur their surroundings, modify lighting, and apply filters.

Macs with Apple Silicon include built-in video effects like portrait blur and Center Stage reframing that work with all camera apps.

The project is underway, according Google’s newest source code. Google’s Chromebooks team is also aiming to recreate MacOS’s built-in video camera effects.

The business is expected to deploy a new function with built-in backdrop blur.
Google is trying background blur on 12th and 11th Gen Intel Chromebooks.

The business will also offer more features for Pixel mobile devices and software, according to reports.

The firm may be developing an auto-framing tool like Google Duo’s. A Googler said they’re testing the Pixel phones’ portrait lighting feature.

Google Meet visuals improved

Google has updated its Meet software to improve consumers’ video call experience.

The IT business has improved backdrop visual effects, a long-awaited feature. This isn’t the background blur or auto framing included into Google’s Chromebooks, but it may come out sooner.

Backdrop and foreground separation changes make Google Meet’s online background effects more realistic, according Chrome Unboxed.

Users may blur their background, change it, or replace it with a video, image, or immersive background to eliminate distractions or make meetings more engaging.

Users may personalise their films with colour filters, styles, backdrops, and light.


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