Steal data

Hacking-as-a-service steals data for $10

Steal data

A new (and cheap) service gives hackers a simple way to organise and commit cybercrimes to steal data and gaining popularity.

Bleeping Computer stated that security researchers discovered Dark Utilities, a C2 centre.

Windows, Linux, and Python are supported. It prevents hackers from opening a C2 channel. C2 servers manage malware spread.
Threat actors can manage instructions, configure/new payloads; and steals data from infiltrated systems.

Dark Utilities offers “C2-as-a-service” (C2aaS). As an anonymous C2 infrastructure; rates start at 9.99 euros, or $10.

Cisco Talos says it has 3,000 active subscribers among underground hacking services. The operation’s perpetrators made about 30,000 euros.

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Dark Utilities became known in 2022. Yet, It’s compatible with both the Tor network and ordinary browsers. IPFS stores and shares steals data decentralised and stores payloads.

After a threat actor chooses an operating system; they build a command string that they insert in PowerShell or Bash scripts to retrieve and execute the payload on victim devices.

In Addition, the research notes that Dark Utilities’ administration interface includes tools for DDoS and crypto-jacking attacks.

Dark Utilities is expected to become an even more in-demand platform; especially for novice hackers, according to Bleeping Computer.

2022 cyber activity is unparalleled. Cyberattacks have nearly doubled since last year as hackers change their approaches and look for flaws faster than ever.

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