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Business Emergency Documents

Do you have a Business Emergency Documents for your office that you can distribute immediately in case of a disaster or other emergency? Do you give guests with emergency information, such a fire meeting spot, if you rent a vacation property or rooms in your home?

Plan ahead and be prepared to avoid wishing you had after a calamity.

Simple project to help you prepare: Create emergency escape maps and floor plans. Following our steps will take an hour.

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Template-based diagramming software is needed.

Using free online diagramming programmes helps make this assignment brief. Apps have diagrams, maps, charts, etc. Using templates is like rearranging furniture. Don’t start from scratch.

What’s the best diagramming app?

I propose two programmes for producing emergency evacuation plans, floor maps, and other papers for your house, vacation property, and company. SmartDraw with Lucidchart.

SmartDraw features more emergency templates than Lucidchart. Both are helpful. Both are free, so you don’t have to pay to make these files. Both have web apps, so no software is needed.

Do you need emergency documents?

People don’t know what emergency paperwork they need unless they see a list. Here are some common ones:

Evacuation map/plan

Evacuation plan/map with safe meeting point

Home evacuation plan/map with meeting point

Plan B

Contact list (every home should have one on a refrigerator or posted somewhere highly visible)

Call tree

First aid/CPR charts

Wildfire, flood, earthquake, shelter-in-place

I could go on, but maybe this list inspires documentation and diagrams for your situation.
CPR and first aid charts are printable. Others are so easy to make you can do it in Word. You might even handwrite them. I propose adopting digital because you can simply share, edit, and replicate cloud-based copies. Having a digital copy in Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, or another cloud storage system means you can access the material even if you’re not in front of the printed copy.

Emergency Documentation

Using SmartDraw or Lucidchart will speed up this job. You may enjoy the tools.

Examine the app’s templates. “template” in diagramming software means an example document with sample content, so you get more than just a formatted file.

Consider a workplace evacuation map. The template includes a floor plan and evacuation path (rather than giving you a blank canvas and a library of appropriate objects to add). Simply move the furniture. You drag and drop doorways, windows, desks, seats, potted plants, water coolers, bathrooms, closets, etc. until the sample floor plan resembles your office space. Move, rotate, extend, or shorten red exit arrows.
You may not find the precise template you desire, but you can use close ones. Vertical org charts aren’t that different from phone trees, schematically.

One-Hour Preparation

Diagramming tools make it easy to create emergency documents in an hour or so. Get a few crucial files done on a Friday afternoon when you’re burned out or a Saturday morning at home.

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