How can I revert to Gmail’s previous design?


As of this writing, you may still disable the new Gmail interface manually. Many of the most important features of the platform have been reorganised to make them easier to find under the new design.

Google Chat and Google Meets have been removed from the Gmail browsing area, which is one of the most noticeable changes. These items were previously located beneath labels and other mailboxes in the previous user interface.

The following are among the changes:

Show/Hide the Main Menu
The home page’s main menu.
Collapsible notification balloon panel is a new addition.
a side panel with an indicator for the main window’s state
Hide/show side panel

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The UI is more organised and less cluttered.

First and foremost, the new interface lets you switch between different goods without having to open new tabs or windows. Gmail’s web version is similar to Microsoft Teams’ web version in that it consumes fewer resources.

This makes it easy to switch between email, meetings, discussions, and productivity tools like Google Calendar or Google Keep. The ” + ” button still allows you to pin extensions from other integrators like Trello or Slack.

How can I revert to the Gmail layout of old?

You can go back to the old interface if you’re not ready, but it’s worth remembering that the new one will become standard in time. Just a few easy steps:

Towards the top right of the screen, select Settings. Click ” Quick Settings ” in the menu bar. revert to the default Gmail view
No new right-hand menu is seen in Gmail’s interface once you approve and refresh your browser page after making the modifications. However, this only applies to the most recent implementations.

Your user will be unable to revert updates they’ve already accepted, such as Google Chat Status and Toolbar.

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