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How to Create Amazon Alexa Q&As

Amazon Alexa

Amazon Alexa usually responds as expected when asked a question through Amazon Echo. You can design personalized questions and answers for your family to use.

This is like Amazon Blueprint, which uses templates to develop games, stories, and more. The customizable Q&A option enables you create your own questions and answers from scratch. These personalized Q&As are confined to your home, unlike other plans. How to customise Amazon Alexa queries and answers.

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Customize FAQs

Create questions and answers using the Amazon Alexa app or a website. Open the Amazon Blueprints page from the app (Opens in a new window). Choose Custom Q&A.

Custom Q&A screen shows examples, teaches how to develop and use one. Tap Play to hear a sample Q&A. Make your own Q&A by clicking Make Your Own.
When you say: Alexa, type your question. Include other question formats. Then type Alexa’s answer in the form. Enter a new question and answer below.
Seven custom questions and answers are allowed. When finished, click the Update Skill button. Your Q&A skill is saved.
After saving the skill, edit the questions and answers. You can edit entries here. After making adjustments, tap Update Skill. Now you may ask Alexa any question and get a personalised answer.

Master Q&A

If Alexa doesn’t answer your query, reword it or change the skill. In the Amazon Alexa app, select More > Blueprints and Your Skills. My Questions is Q&A skill. Therefore, this talent lets you view, modify, or remove questions.

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