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How to enable Screen Share on Discord

How to enable Screen Share on Discord

Enable Screen Share on Discord:
Discord screen share is an easy way to share visual information for gamers, developers and influencers. It is a voice and text chat platform that allows you to set up small or large chat servers for your gaming, social, or business groups.

However, most people don’t know about Discord is that it also offers a complete video calling and screen sharing solution as well. Typically, up to 10 other people can join and view your Discord stream, but due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Discord has temporarily raised this limit up to 50.

Catch for gamers

Discord is primarily marketed as a gaming-focused app, so the ability to share your device’s screen with others thus holds obvious appeal for its users.
For instance, you can stream gameplay from your mobile device and flaunt your skills or show a map of the dungeon you are in. But there are various non-gaming uses for screen sharing similarly.

How to enable Screen Share on Discord

Update Discord

Discord has officially launched the screen sharing feature. So to get started, update your Discord app or download the latest version. You possibly do not have the access to it instantly. If that’s the case, update is required. Don’t despair, it doesn’t take long.

Setting Up Discord Screen Share & Video Call

First, make sure that your video and audio hardware is properly set up.

Step 1:
Go to video/camera settings. Access your Settings page by clicking on the Cog icon at the right of your username, lower-left hand portion of the Discord interface.

Step 2:
From the left-hand menu, tap on App Settings and select Voice & Video. Here, you can adjust your settings for voice and video chat.

Step 3:
Now scroll to the Video Settings section and choose your video camera from the drop-down.

Step 4:
At the right, you have an option to Test Video which ensures if the feature is working properly.

Step 5:
Tap the Allow button to confirm access.

As it’ll give Discord permission to access your phone or PC microphone and camera to ensure that everything works appropriately.

Enable Screen Share on Discord

After giving access and setting up the feature, here’s how you can screen share:

Step 1:
First, enter a voice channel on a server.

Step 2:
Once there, you can decide to join a video call or share your screen. You can convert it to a live stream from within the video call as well by clicking on the screen button.

Step 3:
Discord will then prompt you to choose which application or screen you want to “Go Live” with.

To share audio with the screen make sure your voice settings are set to the microphone. If you want to screen share with no audio, click on the microphone button in the voice chat to mute yourself. You can also proceed with communicating via text channels as an alternative while screen sharing.

How to enable screen share on Discord app on your smartphone

1. Open the Discord app, then join a voice channel or video call.

2. Tap the “Screen Share” icon from the call controls bar.

3. A dialogue box will appear on the screen, explaining how screen sharing works. Tap “Try it Out!” to start.

4. Tap “Start Now” if you’re ready to share what’s on your screen. The app will warn you once more that you’re about to share your screen with others.

5. When you’re ready to stop, select “Stop Sharing.” Meanwhile, the app will sap to a new screen sharing UI, but you can swap to other apps and use your phone as normal while Discord streams to your viewers in the background.

How to view a Live Stream on Discord

If you are a member of the same server and you wish to view someone else’s Discord screen, you can join their live stream. To do this, follow these steps:

1. Go to the voice chat and click on their name.

2. If someone is screen sharing, you will notice the Go Live icon next to their name.

3. While in the live stream, you can voice chat with the streamer and everyone else on the voice channel.

You can also join somebody else’s live stream while also sharing your screen. Discord allows users to swap between multiple Discord screens on the app. However you cannot view both your own live stream and somebody else’s simultaneously, but you can quickly swap back and forth between the two, thus enabling users to collaborate on projects from a distance.


Keep in mind screen sharing lets your viewers see everything displayed on your phone or PC’s screen in real-time (unless some app doesn’t allow screen sharing access). While this feature makes watching YouTube with your Discord group much more fun but it also means everyone will be able to see your notifications or other potentially sensitive stuff, if it is showing on the screen.

For privacy concerns make sure that before sharing your screen, you close any app you don’t want to accidentally swap to and turn on Do Not Disturb mode to silence notifications.

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