free EV chargers

How To Find Free EV Chargers

free EV chargers

With free EV chargers is a nice bonus of an electric vehicle however, US gas costs approaching $5 per gallon. New models helped boost electric vehicle sales in the US by 60% in 2022.

Charging an EV at home increases electricity costs, and many charging stations charge a fee. If you look, there are free charging programmes.

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PlugShare Free Stations

Private firms, nonprofits, and municipal governments offer free EV charging alternatives nationwide. The Plug Share app has a filter for free EV chargers. Real drivers “check in” at each station and submit the newest information, including if it’s still free, how many minutes of charging you get, and at what level/speed.
Turn off Pay Locations under Map Filters. When you click a station on the map, the description will say “no fee.” The Electrify America app doesn’t filter free stations.

Workplace charging

Workplace charging allows EV owners to stay charged without making a separate journey. As you labour, someone fills up your automobile.

During our Best Mobile Networks 2022 research, we used a complimentary ChargePoint at Meta’s Menlo Park headquarters. Deep-pocketed corporations pay little. Offering workplace charging to employees can cost as little as $1.50 per day with Level 2 charging and $0.60 per day with Level 1 charging, according to Plug In America.

Check your employer’s parking lot, but don’t assume you can use another company’s chargers. Make the case for free EV chargers at work. Some jurisdictions give reimbursement for installing level 2 chargers. The Department of Energy has a guide for workplace charging.

Free charging promotions

Many new EVs include free charging at Electrify America outlets (Opens in a new window). They charge cashable credits. Check your car’s free charging possibilities before the promotion ends. Edmunds lists all EVs with free charging. Ex:

ID.4: Volkswagen Free level 3/DC fast charging and level 2 charging at Electrify America stations.

F150 Lightning: Electrify America stations offer 250kWh level 3/DC quick charging.

Chevy Bolt: Free level 2 charger installation with 2022 purchase. This isn’t “free” charging, but it’ll save you $1,000 and time waiting on a level 1 charge. Money=time.

Early Tesla adopters got free level 3 Supercharging for life at the company’s Supercharger sites. This promotion ended in 2017, but Tesla maintains its fees are four times less than gas. It offers free holiday Supercharging.

Rewards programmes offer free charges.

Ever redeem a coffee shop punch card for a free drink? Thanks to SmartCharge Rewards and Dominion Energy Rewards, you can achieve that with your EV (Opens in a new window). Both offer incentives for off-peak charging to decrease load on the energy grid.

Other programmes, like EVgo Rewards, reward customers. The more you charge at EVgo stations, the more incentives you get (2,000 points equals $10). EVgo makes level 3 quick chargers. If you’re going to charge anyhow, you might as well earn free credits.

Solar-powered DIY

This has upfront fees but distinct benefits. (Let us know if you’ve tried it.) You may charge your car using solar panels and a generator. After materials and setup, the price is “free.” Plus, it’s 100% clean energy, whereas charging stations and home electricity can originate from coal or other filthy sources.
Connect the panels to the generator to charge it. This makes the generator a large battery. Then, put your level one charger (included with your car purchase) into a typical home outlet on the generator’s side. Level 1 charging is slow. One Tesla user did it using Jackery devices; GoalZero provides similar solutions.

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