How To Set Up The Portable Version Of CCleaner


In order to remove “potentially unwanted” files from a computer, used CCleaner . It is one of the earliest systems; having been released in 2004 by Piriform, and includes various functions for maintaining a computer, keeping it optimal, and keeping it safe.

A free version of the software is accessible for all kinds of devices, including portable ones (“portable” in free translation). This portable version of CCleaner has all the power and functionality of its original desktop counterpart; but is smaller and can be stored on a variety of media, including USB flash drives, CDs and DVDs.

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To use it, all you have to do is enter the storage device into the computer where the cleaning will take place; and you’re ready to go. The programme is designed to remove all traces of its usage from the computer after it has finished.

A copy of CCleaner / Reproduction can be found here.
CCleaner is the font.

TecMundo has put together a detailed guide to help you get the most out of CCleaner Portable. Below, you’ll find additional information.

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Installing CCleaner Portable: How?

1. Firstly, enter the official CCleaner website.

2. Secondly, drag the “CCleaner — Portable” option from the “Builds” menu to the bottom of the page and download the.ZIP file.

To download, click on the.ZIP file extension. (Source: Giovana Pignati / Screenshot)
To download, click on the.ZIP file extension. (Image credit: Giovana Pignati / Screenshot)
CCleaner is the font.

3. Thirdly, select the file with the right button and click on “Extract All” in the folder where the file was saved.

4. Fourthly,  “Extract” from the “Browse” drop-down menu to begin the extraction.

Right-click the folder and choose “Extract All” from the context menu. (Source: Giovana Pignati / Screenshot)
CCleaner is the font.

5. Fifthly, Insert the flash drive or USB stick that contains the programme you wish to install.

6. If haven’t done , go to the location where the “ccsetup 591” folder was extracted.  Select the right button and then click “Copy” (Ctrl + C).

7. Finally, right-click on the USB Drive (E:) folder. “Paste” (Ctrl+V on the keyboard).

Left is “Step 6” and right is “Step 7”
Left of the screen is “Step 6” and right is “Step 7” Captura Tela / Giovanna Pignati’s website uses CCleaner.

The software has an easy-to-use interface, free plans for most devices, and a rapid cleaning procedure.

However, To avoid deleting important files, check the program’s permissions.

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