Amazon Photos

How to Use Amazon Photos’ Free, Unlimited Storage

Amazon Photos

Looking for a photo backup, storage, and sharing service online? Amazon Photos is a good Google Photos alternative if you have Amazon Prime.

You can back up and share images on Amazon Photos, view photos by people and places, create albums, and play slideshows. Web, desktop, and mobile app access. Prime subscribers get free unlimited photo storage.

Non-Prime members can use Amazon Photos with 5GB of free storage. Plans start at $1.99 per month for 100GB ($19.99 per year) and go higher from there. Pay as you go for storage and cancel anytime.

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Sign in to your Amazon account on the Amazon Photos page. The page will urge you to add photographs from your computer if you haven’t already.
Amazon Photos has a comparable desktop app. Download the desktop software from Amazon Photos Apps.
Sign into the Amazon app. Click Backup and select a folder to upload to Amazon Photos. Click Get to download Amazon Photos folders and albums.

View Images

You can view images differently after uploading them. Click one of the four grid icons on the right to rearrange your photos.
You can filter photographs by media type (photos or videos), year taken, things in photos, and individuals identified. Uncheck one or more boxes to display all photographs.

Click a photo to enlarge it. From here, you can share, tag, zoom, see in slideshow, or trash the photo. Photo editing? Select Edit photo from the ellipsis. You may rotate, filter, brighten, contrast, add text, and alter focus.

Select People to display photos of identified people. Choose Who’s this? and type a person’s name. Click Places to see location-based photographs.
Photos are versatile. If you select one or more photos, you can share, download, add to an album, or order prints.
Click the More icon for Family Vault commands to conceal images, edit their date and time, or delete them. To see all commands on one page, select All Actions.


Album your photos? Click Create new album under Albums. You can submit photographs individually or by date. Click the date circle to pick by date. Hit Create album.
On the album page, all your chosen photographs display. Type a name for Untitled album. Click Save Album to finish the album.

Create other albums the same way, then view them all in Albums

Edit Albums

To edit an album, visit the Albums page. Click the Remove from Album option to erase photographs. The deleted photographs remain in your Amazon Photos collection.
Click Add Photos to add photos to an album. Click Add to album after selecting photographs.

Photo Sharing

Amazon Photos lets you create sharing groups. Under Sharing, select Create Group.
Then click Add pictures. You can add PC or Amazon Photographs photos. When done, click Share.
Click Invite people to add members. This requires a recipient’s Amazon account. You can share your album by link, Amazon contacts, email, or Facebook. After accepting the invitation, recipients can view your album.
Family Vault creates a collection of images only certain people can see. Click More > Add to Family Vault to add photographs. Click the down arrow next to your name and select Family Vault to view and manage photos.

Photos auto-save

The Amazon Photographs app (iOS and Android) includes many of the same capabilities as the website, but it also uploads photos instantly.

Open Settings > Upload settings in the mobile app and turn on Save photos under Auto-save. You can add or remove films and auto-save photographs using cellular data.
Tap More > Settings > Auto-Save in the Android app to save photos and videos automatically. You can select to upload photographs when charging or using cellular data.

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