Microsoft Office online

How to use Microsoft Office online for free

Microsoft Office online

Try Microsoft Office online for the web if you don’t want to pay. Formerly called Office Online, the web-based apps are now simply called Office.

Instead of installing Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, you use cloud-based alternatives like Google Docs. Instead of storing files and documents on your PC, use Microsoft OneDrive.

Microsoft Office online isn’t as feature-rich as desktop. You’ll find normal editing and formatting instructions, plus a few extras. If you only need the fundamentals, try this.

Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, OneDrive, Skype, Calendar, and People are available online. Even niche apps are possible. Apps like Sway and Forms enable you build interactive reports and presentations. How to create, modify, and save documents using Office for the web.

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Register and begin

Creating a Microsoft Account is optional (Opens in a new window). 5GB of OneDrive storage is free; 100GB is $1.99 a month or $19.99 a year. Sign into Office with your Microsoft Account.
Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook are on the Office website. After you create and save Office files, they’ll appear as recent documents at the bottom of the page.

Start fresh

Creating a new document is easy. Click the plus (+) or New button on the left sidebar. In the pop-up window, pick the file type. You can open a Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Form, Quiz, or Sway page.
Click the top-left App launcher icon. Select an app from the All Apps link. To see all Microsoft 365 apps, click the All Apps icon in the left sidebar.
We’ll use Word, but you can use any Office tool. Word’s new document page lets you choose a template or start fresh. Word has resume, cover letter, flyer, and calendar templates. Click New blank document if you don’t require a template.
In the Word toolbar, you may change the font, text size, and styles; insert tables and photos; add page numbers, headers, and footers; alter page size, margins, and orientation; zoom in and out; and perform a spell check.


You can alter your document’s default name by clicking the Name area at the top.
Your document is saved in OneDrive’s root by default. If you want to deal with many documents, create folders in OneDrive. File > Save As > Save as will save a copy of your document in a OneDrive folder.
Select the folder to save your document on OneDrive, then click Save. After that, your document saves automatically so you don’t have to explicitly do so with Word desktop.
You can download the file as a Word or PDF from Office’s Save As option. The File menu lets you print, convert, and share documents. You can also open an existing document, create a new one, and find a previous version.
To switch Office apps, click the top-left App launcher button. If your app isn’t shown, select All Apps. Choose an app.

File Open

You can open existing OneDrive documents instead of creating a new one. If you’re already in the app, click File to see recent documents. You can then open one.
Recent documents display on the Microsoft Office site homepage. Choose your option. Pin a file for easy access. The Pinned tab shows that file.
If the file you want isn’t a recent document, search OneDrive. Click the bottom-right OneDrive icon and navigate to the file’s folder.

Change Sort to Modified and Descending to find the file faster. Search lets you find a file by name.

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