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How to write a good technical blog

how to write a good technical blog

Writing a good technical blog can be a bit overwhelming. A beginner might find himself in situations like, “from where do I start”. If you are in the same bind, this blog will help you to grasp the essential components of a good technical blog post. Once you master the fundamentals, it’s all downhill from there.

Steps to write a good technical blog

1. Narrow down the niche:

Choose a particular niche you wanna blog about. To gain expertise and authority both in the eyes of the readers as well as Google drill down to a specific topic subtopic.

For instance, Under Smartphones as a niche comes iphones in sub-niche, under iphones you have a micro-niche like Cydia.
Tech > Smartphones > iphones > Cydia
The main advantage of narrowing down your niche is that it will get a lot easier to rank higher in Google.

If you are having a hard time selecting a niche you can browse through websites like cnet to get inspiration from the navigation bar items.

2. Layout of a good technical blog:

Cover photo


According to research, 36% of people prioritized titles with numbers within.
17% preferred titles starting with “How to”


The next step is establishing a brief introduction of what the blog is about. This part of the blog should not be painstakingly long, just enough to give an overview. You can include e bold statement like what problem came about or what inspired you to write the blog, to get the readers hooked to it till the end and leave a comment ideally


After getting done with the introduction, the body of the blog comes next.
Use subheadings and add images to make it easier to skim. It should include paragraphs of around 7 to 8 lines maximum. Keep it concise.

The purpose of a technical blog is to make things comprehensible for readers so try to avoid fancy or over-the-top writing. The easier, the better!!

Linking out to other sites, opens up your sources and adds credibility to your blog. But don’t overdo this part.


The conclusion summarizes the whole of your content. It is necessary that you end it up with a question to engage your readers in the comment section. In which case you are most likely to generate sales. Keep in mind to make this part no longer than 3 to 5 sentences.

3. Frequency of a post update for a good technical blog:

Starting a generic technical blog like tech news blog will demand at least 3-4 posts a day.
If you don’t have enough writers to help you run your website, be specific about the niche as it will lower down the content demand.
The narrower your niche, the lesser will be the update frequency requirement.

4. Keyword research: 

You should target keywords with high volume and low competition for which there are comparatively more advertisers willing to promote their product and services.


Hopefully, these simple steps will help you write a high-ranking technical blog and get you going in the right direction.


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