iFixit offers Samsung Galaxy self-repair kits.


Samsung’s self-repair programme is now accessible. The Samsung and iFixit alliance allows you to fix Galaxy S20, S21, and Tab S7+ by buying certified parts, tools, and instructions.

The Right to Repair movement gained ground when Apple launched Self Service Repair last year. Samsung followed suit four months later with its Self-Repair initiative in partnership with iFixit, but never published costs and component availability. Today marks the US launch of the repair programme, with the Korean giant providing all the required knowledge on how to repair your Galaxy device yourself.

The initial option includes displays, batteries, charging ports, and back glass for $67 to $227.

The kits contain a free return label for recycling damaged components. Self-repair software will eventually encompass more countries, devices, and part repairs.

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Samsung’s release comes months after Apple’s. Apple doesn’t offer self-repair kits for devices other than smartphones, but it covers more parts (such as cameras and SIM trays) and is more extensive (you can even order screws by themselves). Samsung doesn’t require a phone call or separate toolset to complete repairs. Simply buy a part.

Samsung is directing less DIY-inclined Galaxy S22 and Tab S8 owners to conventional repair providers. State and federal lawmakers are proposing right-to-repair laws, putting pressure on tech companies like Samsung, Apple, and others. Vendors may have no choice but to let you fix your own devices.

Samsung 837 and Samsung retail and service sites sell parts at prices comparable to affiliate repair providers. Future devices and fixes should encourage consumers to keep their devices longer.

Over 11,000 Samsung-trained mobile repair experts are accessible in the US. The company also offers a “we come to you” service, mail-in service, same-day in-person service, and an independent repair network. Soon, you’ll be able to “repair mode” your Galaxy device to protect your data before a professional fixes it.

These self-repair kits allow you to extend the usable life of a Samsung gadget provided you’re comfortable with bolts and screwdrivers and don’t mind turnaround delays and exorbitant out-of-warranty repair costs. You might regulate when you replace mobile devices and reduce e-waste.

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