iOS 16 Lock Screen

iOS 16 Lock Screen Customization

iOS 16 Lock Screen

The iPhone’s iOS 16 Lock Screen is boring. Date, time, and notifications are all you can see. iOS 16 provides choices to make your Lock Screen more beautiful, useful, and personal.

The update lets you customise the Lock Screen background with photos, get ideas, and apply filters. You can display live weather backgrounds, changing views of the Earth, Moon, or solar system, tiled emoji displays, and simple colour backgrounds.

The new OS enables users add or change Lock Screen widgets to make it more engaging (Live Activities won’t launch until later this year). You can design many Lock Screen images to suit your mood.

iOS 16 Lock Screen is due mid-September (an official date has not been announced). You can try iOS 16 beta now.

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iOS 16 Lock Screen Background

First, make a new wallpaper. Tap Add New Wallpaper in Settings > Wallpaper. Swipe down on the Home Screen to see the Lock Screen. Tap Customize > Add New after long-pressing an empty screen.
Here are several Lock screen tweaks. Using the top icons, you may alter the Lock Screen’s wallpaper, widgets, and other components. With categories spanning the screen, you can choose a wallpaper with predetermined images and widgets.

iOS 16 Lock Screen Background

Swipe through the Astronomy wallpaper to see the Earth, Moon, and solar system. Choose Weather wallpaper for changeable backdrops that fit local weather.
Tap the Emoji wallpaper to tile your favourite emoji. Tap the lower-left happy face icon to change emoji. Delete existing emoji and select new ones.
Pride and Unity are other customisable wallpapers. By pressing the circle in the lower left corner of the Color wallpaper, you can alter the background colour and tone.
Swiping left or right changes the Dynamic wallpaper’s colour. Tap the ellipsis icon to switch between light and dark wallpaper and enable or disable perspective zoom.
Swipe down the screen to see Weather & Astronomy, Emoji, Collections, and Color wallpapers. Tap an image to use it as is or modify the elements or image itself.
Tap Emoji, Weather, Astronomy, or Color to customise an image right now. Select the picture, colour, or other element to edit.

iOS 16 Lock Screen Widgets

Changing your background highlights the date, time, calendar, weather, and alarm. You can change or replace any of these elements.
Tap the date to replace it with fitness activities, reminders, or stock quotes. Tap time to change font and colour, also Tap calendar, weather, and alarm to delete or replace them. To complete, tap Done.

iOS 16 locks photos

Personalize your Lock Screen by adding images. iOS 16 lets you tap the Photos icon to view featured photos. Tap All to see all your photos.
Swipe to the right to see the photo with Natural, Black & White, Duotone, and Color Wash filters. Pinch to zoom or move the image.
You may also select People and Suggested Photos for photos. If you want to see different photographs on your Lock Screen throughout the day, tap Photo Shuffle.
On Tap, On Wake, Hourly, or Daily. Use Feature Photos to accept Apple’s suggestions. Swipe to adjust the filter. Tap the ellipsis to remove a photo or modify the interval. Finished.

If you don’t like Photo Shuffle’s suggestions, tap Select Photos Manually. Hit All to view all your photographs, then tap Add. Set the filter, remove a photo, or alter the image interval. Tap the grid symbol to shuffle additional photos. Finished.

iOS 16 Lock Screen Wallpaper

Tap Done to save each new Lock Screen background. You can design each one and switch between them like Apple Watch faces.
Long-press the Home Screen to access the Lock Screen wallpaper. Swipe left to see your Lock Screens. To change your Lock Screen, tap a wallpaper.

Otherwise, tap Customize to change any. Create a new Lock Screen by pressing (+).

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