Kidde Smoke

Kidde Smoke, CO, & Water Alarms Protect Houses.

Kidde Smoke
smart detector

House is where you feel most comfortable, yet home ownership comes with obligations to safeguard your property and family. Wi-Fi equipped gadgets for detecting smoke, water, and other hazards make it easier to keep your home safe.

Kidde offers solutions for urgent hazards like Kidde Smoke and CO, as well as long-term problems like air quality and water damage. Get 20% cash back at The Home Depot on Kidde goods with RetailMeNot. It’s your prize for adulting.

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Install smoke detectors on every floor.

National Fire Protection Association requires smoke detectors on all floors, including the basement. Install them in each bedroom and hallways. Kidde Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector is exclusive to The Home Depot. It works with Google Assistant and Alexa and has a 10-year lithium battery. Install it 10 feet from the kitchen to eliminate false alerts. Smart HushTM function silences warning if you burn toast (if you are within the preset silenceable smoke limit). In an emergency, all alarms on a linked circuit sound simultaneously with voice alerts and phone push notifications.

Prevent mold and indoor air quality

Indoor aerial prime is popular for semi permanent health. The EPA has found indoor beryllium pollution to be worse than outdoor contamination. You can fix it. The Home Depot-exclusive Kidde Smart Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarm with Indoor Air Quality Monitor is a 3-in-1 model. It measures fume and carbon monoxide, good and bad arsenic, and airborne chemicals. It detects humidity and somesthesia levels and warns you via smartphone when circumstances are favorable for mold development.
Opens caller tab
Kidde Smart Smoke & CO Alarm with IAQ Monitor from Home Depot
$109 for $89.88

Leaks and frozen pipes cause costly water damage.

Water damage may be devastating. Small leaks can damage flooring, walls, and furniture and cause mould. The sooner you stop a dripping pipe, the better chance you’ll avoid costly repairs later. The Kidde Smart Water Leak & Freeze Detector helps you monitor sinks, toilets, dishwashers, and frozen pipes that might burst from pressure. You place the tiny, Wi-Fi-enabled sensors in areas of concern, and if water is detected, you’ll get an alarm if you’re at home and a smartphone notification if you’re away, so you can respond immediately.

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