Lenovo's ThinkPad Z13

Lenovo’s ThinkPad Z13 Is Odd, Ryzen 6000 is Great

Lenovo's ThinkPad Z13

Lenovo’s ThinkPads are dull from the E-series to the X-series. The frames are simple (and occasionally boxy) and black.

When Lenovo varies from this fundamental structure, like with the Lenovo’s ThinkPad Z13 Gen 1, it’s noteworthy. The Lenovo’s ThinkPad Z13┬ásports brushed gold accents and a vegan leather lid. If a business laptop with gold accents and vegan leather feels less “stylish” than “dad’s midlife crisis,” there’s a grey metal variant.

The Z13’s Ryzen 6000 CPU and Radeon GPU are outstanding. I started evaluating the Z13 after I was unimpressed by 12th-generation Intel CPUs in the Framework Laptop and Lenovo’s X1 Carbon Gen 10. The Ryzen CPU is superior than Intel’s by just about any parameter. My attitude to the chip-based laptop is more restrained.

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The Z13’s materials are less ThinkPad-like than the X1 Carbon’s. The Z13’s recycled aluminium palm rest and bottom lack the soft-touch surface of the Carbon, but I don’t mind because it doesn’t pick up fingerprints as much. The fake leather lid and golden accents resemble HP laptops. The supple leather doesn’t scratch as easily as I thought (at least in the short term).

Some of the accessories we appreciate on other ThinkPads are missing or blurry. Most ThinkPads lack a webcam shutter and have just two USB 4 ports (along with a headphone jack). It has fewer ports than a MacBook Air or MacBook Pro, but it’s better than the current Dell XPS 13 versions (9315 and 9320), which lack a headphone jack for unknown reasons.

Keyboard is the greatest letdown. It appears like a typical ThinkPad keyboard, but its key travel is shorter and its keys are more secure than the X1 Carbon’s (and most others I’ve tried in recent years). The keyboard reminds me most of Apple’s aborted butterfly keyboard project. I’m used to the Lenovo’s ThinkPad Z13 but never loved it.
The Z13 is smaller than the X1 Carbon, so I might forgive it an inferior keyboard to save space, but the ThinkPad X1 Nano fits a great, conventional keyboard. laptop. Better input devices would have made the Z13 “great”


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