LG OLED Flex TV Curve Watch in 1 Minute


LG OLED Flex TV 42-inch can shift from flat to curved at the push of a button. LG built up an arcade at its Berlin Messe gelande booth where visitors can play Forza Horizon 5, Halo Infinite, and more on the OLED Flex.

Adjust the TV’s curvature, up to 900R, with a remote or a multi-directional button below the display. Standard (flat, 0% curve), Curvature Mode 1 (50% curve), and Curvature Mode 2 (100% curve) are the LG OLED Flex’s curvature modes. You may fine-tune the curvature in 5% increments, giving you 20 settings total.
I had trouble using the TV’s multi-directional button to change the curvature at IFA, but experience should help. An LG representative informed me it’s simpler to alter the curvature using the remote, but I couldn’t try it.
I spent 15 minutes trying the LG OLED Flex TV, cycling between curvature modes and making tweaks. The TV always responded fast and morphed between curvature settings without issue. Seeing the TV flex from flat to curved before my eyes was surreal.
LG hasn’t revealed OLED Flex pricing or availability, but we expect it will be expensive. Whether its morphing powers are valuable to gamers is questionable.
The OLED Flex’s morphing abilities would appeal to individuals who flip between racing games and strategy titles.

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Curve Screen TV For Gamers

“Gamers using a [curved] screen as a desktop monitor might find them more immersive, especially ultrawide panels for games that allow it, and flat screens can be better for regular work outside of gaming, but it’s still a gimmick to move between them,” Greenwald added.
Most LG arcade visitors were more interested in gaming than adjusting the display’s curvature. Everyone playing Forza Horizon 5 and Halo Infinite had the OLED Flex curved, which delivers a more immersive gaming experience than Standard mode. If you want a curved screen for gaming, you may save money by buying one that doesn’t alter curvature with the touch of a button. We’ll reserve final judgement on the LG OLED Flex until we hear price specifics.

Curved but breakable?

Concerned about the screen’s durability. We’ve seen problems with foldable phones, so I wonder how this one will hold up after a year or two.
LG’s primary demo unit at IFA wasn’t totally flat in that position. The left arm couldn’t fully retract the display, leaving a tiny bent. Unfortunately, this is difficult to photograph.
I’ll give LG the benefit of the doubt here because it’s likely an early model that’s been abused by showing folks what it can do, Homer Simpson-style.

The OLED Flex’s price remains unknown. Even if LG launches it in October before the World Cup, you may need to refinance to acquire one.

LG’s 42in C2 costs $1,249.99/£1,299, so you can guarantee it will be much more with all the bendy features. I’d expect $2,000/£2,000.

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