LG smart TVs

LG Smart TVs Can Trade NFTs.

LG smart TVs

LG Art Lab is accessible on LG smart TVs running webOS 5.0 or later, according to TechCrunch. LG promotes it as a means to “collect Fine art NFTs” on the Hedera network. Using a TV and remote, users may purchase, sell, and display NFT art.

The marketplace works with Hedera, which provides an app for NFT trading. LG’s Wallypto app (also developed on Hedera) is utilised for purchasing. The estimated transaction cost is less than $0.0001.

LG created Art Lab to help consumers understand NFTs. “Many people have heard about NFTs and would like to join in the developing ecosystem, but it’s hard and tough to get started,” says LG Electronics’ Chris Jo.

“Drops” of artist biographies and fresh art previews will boost purchases. Real-time “Live Drops” notify users when fresh NFTs are available.

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LG, Hedera Blockchain

LG Electronics, based in Seoul, is collaborating with the Hedera blockchain, which supports the new platform, using Wallypto, a smartphone digital wallet in beta testing.
NFT purchases have several reasons. Some consider these investments, not collectibles. Some individuals like digital assets because of the creativity or technology behind them, while others are just curious.

The company’s design concept emphasises usability. Its new platform will use the company’s mobile crypto wallet Wallypto, and NFTs may be acquired by scanning a QR code.


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