LG, SoundHound Partner for AI Voice Control in Cars


LG and SoundHound are developing a conversational AI voice system for cars.

SoundHound’s voice recognition technology will be integrated with LG’s IVI system; allowing drivers to operate critical functions via natural language commands.

Using a built-in microphone and display; drivers will be able to pay for petrol and parking or order meals.

LG said speech recognition; once just an option in luxury automobiles; is gaining popularity. However, Voice AI lets drivers accomplish things without taking their hands or eyes off the road.

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LG Vehicle component Solutions (VS) president Eun Seok-hyun remarked; “[We] look forward to providing new in-vehicle experiences through seamlessly integrating [SoundHound’s] voice AI platform with our latest IVI system architecture,” “This partnership will allow us to better meet the needs of our auto industry customers and create innovative solutions that will help [drive] the future of mobility.”
The Santa Clara-based company also creates speech recognition and natural language understanding technologies; including voice AI developer platform Houndify and voice-enabled digital assistant Hound.

SoundHound was the first music recognition service to launch in automobiles; starting with the Hyundai Genesis. Therefore, Three years later, it began enabling voice interaction for Hyundai; Mercedes-Benz, and Honda goods using Houndify.

SoundHound CEO Mohajer: “Our agreement with LG will allow auto manufacturers of all sizes to deliver the kind of voice-enabled infotainment experience that users have come to expect in every part of their lives,” People expect to talk to devices like they talk to one other, and such conversations will be useful and proactive.


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