MacOS Custom Fonts

MacOS Custom Fonts

MacOS Custom Fonts

Apple’s MacOS Custom Fonts, but some users will want more. Mac users care about design—and fonts. Some specialist fonts, including Dyslexia and OpenDyslexic, can aid people with disabilities (Opens in a new window).

We’ve taught you how to manage fonts on Windows and iOS. Here’s how to control Mac fonts. Caution: fonts downloaded from untrusted sites can be virus vectors.

How to view macOS fonts

Launch Font Book. Font Book can be found in LaunchPad’s Other folder or in Finder’s Applications folder.

App contains 3 panels. Left-click to select a collection. I recommend using All Fonts or English. In the centre pane is a font list, and in the right pane is a font preview.
Scroll down to see the type italicised and bold. Some typefaces have few basic styles whereas others feature ultralight, thin, semibold, broad, and inline.

Apple macOS font downloads

Many typefaces are greyed out in All Fonts. Apple offers but doesn’t install these fonts. Click Download to install.

MacOS Custom Fonts Book with a red arrow pointing to the download button.
Most of the uninstalled fonts are for non-Roman character sets (Arabic, Cyrillic, Hebrew, etc.), however you may install 20 Roman alphabet fonts with a single click. Adding variation isn’t easy.

Web Fonts for macOS

OpenFoundry and UseAndModify offer royalty-free typefaces. Others sell fonts. Double-clicking downloaded fonts in Finder instals them.
Preview appears. Install the font by clicking the bottom-right Install Font button.

You may also drag font files or folders to Font Book to install them in bulk.

MacOS supports which font formats?

Font and font library formats:


.ttc, TrueType



Most downloaded or bought fonts are in these formats. Fonts may not work if installed in a different format on macOS.

MacOS font disable/uninstall

If you don’t detest a font, you’re not paying attention. You can disable such fonts in Font Book.

Click Disable on the font’s context menu.
Click Remove to remove installed fonts. You can’t delete system fonts.


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