Magenta MAX

Magenta MAX Gives T-Mobile Customers Apple TV+

Magenta MAX

Magenta Max subscribers get free Apple TV+.

Magenta Max package members can watch Severance, Ted Lasso, and The Morning Show, plus MLB coverage and games, starting Aug. 31.

The Un-carrier previously provided Magenta and Magenta Max customers a free year of Apple TV+ (a $49.99 value). That deal ends Wednesday, just as the new promo begins. Customers on T-priciest Mobile’s plan can stream for free as long as they have a solid Magenta Max line.
Magenta users will get six months of free Apple TV+ before the $4.99/month package renews.

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“Magenta-Max customers love streaming…so of course, we’re giving them more of what they love,” T-Mobile CEO Mike Sievert said.
The company currently offers four streaming platforms: Apple TV+, Netflix ($9.99/month Basic for Magenta and $15.49/month HD-capable Standard for Max), a year of Paramount+ Essentials, and one year of Vix+ (Opens in a new window).

T-Mobile will employ SpaceX’s fleet of low-Earth-orbit Starlink broadband satellites to boost messaging coverage next year.

Apple TV Plus Magenta Free Year Ends August 31

According to reports, older Sprint and T-Mobile subscriptions will also get a free year of Apple TV Plus. The one-year offer ends on August 31.

With Apple TV Plus, T-most Mobile’s expensive package has four streaming providers. Netflix was bundled with Magenta and MagentaMax plans.

Other Streaming Services Plan bundles

Magenta only had the basic Netflix version, but MagentaMax had the HD-capable Standard version. Paramount Plus Essentials for mobile users is also free for a year.

The company has also introduced a free year of TelevisaUnivision’s Vix Plus. Magenta and MagentaMax users can add Vix Plus.

Wireless providers are boosting their streaming capabilities to get users to switch to more expensive plans. Verizon’s Disney bundle includes Disney Plus, Hulu, and ESPN Plus.


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