Mix De Amigos

Meet The New Personalised Playlist Mix De Amigos, Available On Spotify.

Mix De Amigos

Spotify released the “Mix de Amigos” feature today (28) in honour of International Friendship Day. This feature allows you to discover new music from your friends’ most-heard songs. Subscribers and non-subscribers will have equal access to the new feature.

This feature “Mix de Amigos” lets you construct a playlist that’s unique to you. Based on the songs that other listeners have found similar. Streaming allows you to discover new music and artists, as well as enjoy the most popular tunes with your friends.

Before being able to use Spotify’s new Made for You hub functionality, you’ll need to have made at least three matches with other users. In it, the user can discover music that are similar to the tastes of the people with whom they’ve made links in the social network.
Mix of Friends, according to Spotify, will be refreshed daily, bringing new content to the table for listeners to explore. Over 11 million “friendship” playlists have been produced around the world.

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How to make a Friends Mixtape

You must type the word “Match” into Spotify’s streaming search magnifying glass in order to generate a Friends Mix. Go to “Invite” and choose a friend to match when you arrive at the function page.

A shared playlist will be generated based on the preferences and musical tastes of both you and your connected contact once they have accepted your invitation. You can check which tracks have been added for each of them by clicking on them.

Individuals who participate will receive a personalized card to be posted on social media as well as a daily update on their matches. once You’ve made three or more matches, you may access your Mix of Friends playlist in both the mobile and desktop versions of the music service.

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