Mercedes-Benz begins SUV Production In Alabama


Mercedes-Benz Alabama facility now produces the all-electric EQS SUV.

Michael Goebel, MBUSI’s CEO:

“Our skilled and motivated team launched the new EQS SUV successfully. Since our first Mercedes Benz rolled off the line more than 25 years ago, our Tuscaloosa Team Members have exhibited adaptability, energy, and devotion. Therefore, The site’s employees can be happy that Mercedes Benz’s first electric SUV and batteries are made in Alabama.

Mercedes Benz says its Tuscaloosa factory “uses state-of-the-art digital, sustainable, efficient and flexible production methods and follows the blueprint of the company’s Factory 56 in Sindelfingen, Germany, which symbolises the future of automotive production of Mercedes-Benz.”

Mercedes-Benz also makes the EQS SUV in Alabama. A Bibb County plant opened in March to produce the vehicle’s “highly efficient battery systems” Mercedes-Benz announced EQS in April.

Mercedes-Benz says the Bibb County battery site’s electrical needs will be fulfilled by renewable energy sources by 2024. It recycles its batteries with other companies.

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Mercedes-Benz says the EQS SUV’s range is 333-410 miles for the base model and 315-380 miles for all-wheel drive models. It takes 11.5 hours to fully recharge using the onboard charger’s 9.6kW AC connection.
Mercedes-Benz says the EQS SUV is its third electric car model series. The SUV’s avant-garde, opulent cabin offers space, comfort, and connectivity for seven people.

Mercedes-Benz’s website has more EQS SUV details. The business aims to start EQE SUV production in Tuscaloosa later this year.

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