Meta shutting down

Meta Shutting Down Nextdoor Clone ‘Neighborhoods’

Meta shutting down

Meta shutting down Neighborhoods, Facebook’s Nextdoor clone. Since 2020, Facebook has secretly trialled a community-based feature in Canada and the US.

Matt Navarra, a social marketing strategist, shared an image of a Facebook Group message announcing the trial product’s end.

“When we introduced Neighborhoods, our goal was to bring local communities closer together,” said Meta product manager Tohm. “We’ll finish Neighborhoods testing on October 1 and make the functionality permanent.”

Facebook introduced Facebook Campus for students, Messenger Rooms with video chat, couples-only Tunes, and Neighborhoods during the epidemic.

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Residents in a certain neighbourhood were encouraged to build personal profiles and share hobbies and favourite spots. Outsiders saw a name, profile, and cover photographs. Dedicated privacy settings and hyperlocal advertisements were also rumoured.
Neighborhoods didn’t take off as Meta intended and will be retired two years later.

“We know that many of the moderators in this group were also admins of flourishing local groups, and we look forward to providing you additional methods to build and interact in these communities in the future,” the business statement read, recommending users to as “inspiration.”

Nextdoor Clone, Meta Shutting Down

Engadget stated Meta gave no rationale for closing Neighborhoods. We only know that the corporation has invested money on this initiative. This product didn’t boom like others.

Meta may improve other products to give Neighborhoods-like features. The corporation may let people form new communities via Groups.
Another theory explains why Meta ditched this project after investing in it. This may fit the company’s strategy to decrease product prices.

The corporation just abandoned the Facebook gaming app. Meta may be slowing down due of the slump.

Meta may do this to compete with TikTok. It’s avoiding local communities to reach more worldwide users.

Apple is talking with an app developer about subscription scams, phoney reviews, and other app-related concerns.

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