Meteor Lake

Meteor Lake 14th Gen Chips Have A VPU

Meteor Lake

“Meteor Lake” processors won’t come until next year. The company’s next chips will have a “VPU” processor.

Phoronix found the VPU in the documentation for a new driver Intel engineers uploaded to Linux last week. However, Intel firmware developer Jacek Lawrynowicz described VPU as a CPU-integrated inference accelerator for Computer Vision and Deep Learning (Opens in a new window).

The VPU is designed for AI-powered programmes like image-editing and multimedia processing. The VPU has a “neural compute subsystem” and a “buttress” that connects to the Intel chip’s CPU, says Lawrynowicz.

The company’s Linux driver mentions “Intel VPU for Meteor Lake and newer,” suggesting the processor will be used in future products.

In addition, Intel CPUs offer “Deep Learning Boost” and “Gaussian & Neural Accelerator” to speed up AI-powered content creation tasks. The VPU may be a development of Intel’s existing tech. In 2017, the business announced a Vision Processing Unit for IoT devices like cameras.
The VPU could be Intel’s response to Apple’s Neural Engine in M1 and M2 CPUs for MacBooks, which have won praise. Apple touts the Neural Engine’s “breakthrough” performance in video analysis, voice recognition, and picture processing.
Intel provided no VPU specs. Meteor Lake chips will employ 7-nanometer fabrication. The same chips will use a tile-based design that offers top CPU, AI, and graphics performance.


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