Xbox Game Pass

Microsoft Tests Ultimate Family Xbox Game Pass

Xbox Game Pass

Microsoft is previewing a four-person Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership.

Colombian and Irish Xbox Insiders can add up to four persons per Game Pass Ultimate membership. Despite being a shared account, each member can access content and play separate games.

Game Pass Ultimate can only be shared with persons in the same nation, at least for the preview. Multiple homes could share a single membership if Microsoft’s “Family Plan” remains the same. That’s helpful if a family member goes to college.

Insiders can share their membership by purchasing “Xbox Game Pass – Insider Preview” Microsoft says no customer loses the value of an existing Game Pass subscription when switching, and they can switch back after this new membership expires. Anyone invited to share a membership can cancel or let it expire before agreeing. A Microsoft account will be created for anyone invited who doesn’t have one.
The Xbox Wire entry about this preview includes issues that may prevent you from transferring or temporarily block your account. If you’re eligible, read them before joining.


Xbox Game Pas is Microsoft’s Netflix-like game subscription, offering hundreds of titles cheaply.
It lacks a Family Plan, which lets you link many accounts to one subscription, like Netflix.
Plans for an Xbox Game Passs “Family Plan” are moving forward.
Xbox Gaming Pass is Microsoft’s Netflix-like game subscription service, providing you access to hundreds of titles. Multiple options allow you Xbox games on PC, Xbox consoles, or mobile devices from day one.


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