Outlook Mobile Apps

Microsoft’s Outlook Mobile Apps Have More Advertisements.

Outlook Mobile Apps

Outlook Mobile Apps has started sending more adverts that appear like emails to mobile devices. Therefore, According to The Verge, Microsoft is making it difficult for free users to escape adverts in Outlook mobile.
Outlook Mobile Apps includes two inbox-organizing options. However, One inbox has everything, and the other has tabs. The tabbed inbox is divided into ‘Focused’ for critical correspondence and ‘Other’ for the rest. According to the article, “whatever inbox mode you use, there will be ads somewhere in the mix”

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Redmond-based software giant put adverts only under the ‘Other’ tab for free users, but since a few months, they also appear in single-inbox mode. They’re similar advertising in Outlook and Gmail online.

Free Outlook Mobile Apps users can’t dodge advertising as easily. To eliminate advertisements, users must subscribe to Microsoft 365.
Caitlin Roulston, a Microsoft spokesman, confirmed the change to The Verge. The representative added consumers can enable ‘Focused inbox’ to see adverts just in ‘Other’

Social media users are confused by the fake-looking adverts. These email-like advertising can be deleted, but they’ll return. The adverts open in an in-app browser when clicked.

Tech firms are increasingly pursuing new ad spaces as a revenue strategy. Apple may soon start showing advertising in its Apple Maps app after showing them in the App Store’s Today tab and on individual app pages.

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