MoviePass returns

MoviePass Returns in Sept. 5 

MoviePass returns

MoviePass returns Sept. 5. The movie-subscription company had over 3 million subscribers by 2017, providing an all-you-can-watch smorgasbord for less than $10 a month. This model wasn’t sustainable. MoviePass closed in January 2020 after declaring bankruptcy in September 2019.

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Stacy Spikes bought MoviePass in November 2021 and announced its “second act” will begin in 2022.
People can join a queue for MoviePass from Aug. 25-29, with the programme relaunching “on or around September 5th Labor Day 2022.” The reintroduced service will be staggered across the US.
MoviePass will launch markets in waves (Opens in a new window). Launch decisions will be based on waitlist engagement and exhibition partner locations.

MoviePass states “exhibition partners” It’s unclear how “the new service will feature all major theatres that accept major credit cards in the US.” will affect the rollout. Is every theatre with a POS a “partner”?

Insider reported that MoviePass “has partnerships with 25% of theatres in the US” that will let subscribers buy tickets via the app or new MoviePass card. (If box office accepts Mastercard.)
The company hasn’t set pricing. MoviePass claims pricing will be $10, $20, $30 in most markets. “Each level gets monthly movie credits. Details forthcoming.”

Spikes stated in February that MoviePass would use eye tracking to ensure consumers really view the advertising. Neither the MoviePass website nor the Insider report mention the possibility to earn credits by watching adverts.

MoviePass’ website has details regarding the service’s return (Opens in a new window).

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