NFL returns

NFL Returns! How To Watch Big Games

NFL returns

Summer’s ending. The leaves will soon change, pumpkin will spice our beverages, and the NFL returns to provide millions of sports fans hard-hitting football action.

Football viewing options are growing. You may gather friends around a TV to watch a game or use internet video streaming services. Our NFL streaming guide contains everything you need to follow your favourite teams, no matter your area or provider.

Live sports need knowing when and where to watch. Thursday Night Football (NFL Network, with most games simulcast on FOX, Prime Video, and Twitch), Sunday afternoons (CBS and FOX), Sunday Night Football (NBC), and Monday Night Football (ESPN).

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VPN for NFL live broadcasts

If you’ve left your “bubble” or experienced a blackout, you may still watch NFL live streams. With a VPN, you may browse the web from your home location (or elsewhere without bans) and access your paid streaming services.

not duplicate ExpressVPN is the finest VPN we’ve tried (opens in new tab). It’s fast and has great service. Other VPNs are available. Our best picks:
VPN use is easy.

1.Install a VPN. ExpressVPN is our fave.

2. Select the VPN app’s location. If you’re in the U.S. and want a U.K. service, pick U.K.

3. Relax and watch. Watch on Sling, Yahoo, or another site.

US NFL streaming

NFL 2021-22 games will broadcast on ESPN, NFL Network, and local FOX, NBC, and CBS affiliates.

ESPN has Monday Night Football while NBC has Sunday Night Football. CBS has AFC games on Sunday afternoons, FOX NFC. Amazon Prime Video includes certain Thursday Night Football games, and the NFL Network has many more.

NFL Plus is this season’s newest streaming competition for mobile devices and tablets. This $4.99 per month service lets you watch live sports on your phone or tablet. NFL Plus includes local and primetime games throughout the season (opens in new tab).

Fubo TV is where cord-cutters should watch the NFL season. Fubo includes all three local broadcasters plus ESPN and NFL Network. So it’s a good streaming service.

Fubo TV Standard provides you ESPN, FOX, NBC, and NFL Network for $65 per month, while Sling Orange & Blue costs $50 per month.

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