OBS Streaming for Beginners


If you watch Twitch broadcasters, you may have heard of OBS. This free, open-source application streams online information. It combines your mic, camera, streamed material, graphic effects, and settings into one area.

Many streamers prefer OBS to Twitch Studio because it gives them more control. OBS is an intuitive programme, despite its initial complexity. Why not learn a free language with a motivated community?

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OBS Setup

Download OBS (Opens in a new window). Windows, macOS, and Linux support the software. Once installed, OBS’s auto-configuration wizard helps you configure the application. It analyses your PC and adjusts settings, but you can alter them if you don’t like them.
Link your Stream Key if you’re using OBS to stream through Twitch. Each Twitch streamer has a Stream Key that authorises OBS. To find your Stream Key, go to Account Settings > Channel and Videos > Stream.
This screen’s key is on top. Return to OBS with your code. File > Settings > Stream. Select your streaming service (we’re using Twitch), select Use Stream Key, and paste the code.

Sign into your account, then click Connect Account. Now OBS should stream to Twitch.


After linking your account to OBS, you can stream. You should learn the UI and controls, though. Along the bottom row are many boxes.

The Scenes box lets you rapidly switch between your source video and other content (for example, an AFK screen or countdown timer until your stream starts). In Source, you can add gameplay or facial cam. This scene’s sources won’t effect other scenes.

Your Sounds Mixer manages audio from numerous sources and microphones. In Scene Transition, you can add a scene transition effect. Under Controls, you may start, record, and access settings.
Open Docks to add or remove OBS parts. Include a Stream Chat box to examine audience messages and a Stream Information box to add a title, bio, category, and tags.

Click the Settings icon in OBS’s bottom-right corner to access more options. To assign tasks to keyboard keys, click the Hotkeys tab. You may stop and start the stream, your webcam, and transitions by clicking on their black bars and pressing a key.
OBS can help you stand out from streamers using proprietary software. OBS provides a resource forum where you may ask questions, support other streams, and suggest new features.

Begin Streaming

Open your PC game when you’re ready to stream. Select Game Capture by clicking the plus (+) symbol in the Sources section.

Open the source you just inserted, then Select Capture specific window from the drop-down option. Press OK, and the game should appear in the preview window. Change the game window’s size.


You may add a webcam and microphone in a similar way (Audio Input Device). OBS will set up the chosen device. Adjust your video to fit your screen.


Start streaming when you’re ready by clicking the bottom-right button. Start streaming on Twitch.

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