OSOM’s Solana Saga

OSOM’s Solana Saga Doesn’t Require Web3 Or Crypto Features

OSOM’s Solana Saga
OSOM’s Solana Saga

The previous Essential team was working on the OSOM OV1 but switched to the “Solana Saga” earlier this year. The OSOM’s Solana Saga does not require Web3 or crypto features.
Jason Keats, a former Essential PH-1 team member, brought back part of that team to develop OSOM. The startup wanted to create a privacy-focused Android flagship to replace Essential’s first phone. Its design echoed the PH-1 and promised the same update frequency and more.

OSOM announced a deal with Web3 firm Solana in the summer, effectively killing OV1 and replacing it with the OSOM’s Solana Saga.

OSOM’s Solana Saga doesn’t require Web3 or crypto features, despite its name.
The conversion to a Web3-focused brand emphasises the Web3/crypto components of the device, although OSOM seems to offer a similar core experience. Keats said the business still aims to update the Saga’s software as often as the Essential PH-1. He also said the Saga will never need the Web3/crypto “side” of the phone.
OSOM joined Solana because Web3 “represents future technology” and growth, and the “traditional approach of producing goods and enterprises has stagnated,” says Keats.

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When Is OSOM’s Solana Saga Out?

The phone won’t launch until Q1 2023.

Pre-order by connecting your crypto wallet to Solana and depositing $100.

Only the US, Canada, Europe, and UK have the phone.
Solana Saga cost?

Keats said the OV1 would cost “well sub-$1000”

Solana claimed the Saga will cost $1000 with a $100 refundable deposit.

Developers will test the phone first. Pre-orders “may” get Saga Pass NFT.

Solana Saga Specifications & Features

The phone was teased at the launch ceremony but hasn’t been rendered yet.

Osom OV1 specs were never confirmed. Solana Saga has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1, 6.67in OLED, 12GB RAM, and 512GB storage.

Solana has included a’secure aspect’ and security safeguards into the phone, according to a press release. This protects private and financial data while allowing apps and the browser to communicate.

What Were The Osom OV1’s Specs?

The OV1 was said to use a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 series chipset, maybe the same as the Find X5 Pro.
Osom’s OV1 had a privacy-focused version of Android. Images of the phone feature Signal and ProtonMail app icons, although it’s unclear if Osom partnered with them or merely admires them.

In the box was an Osom Privacy Cable with a hardware switch to disable data transfer. The company claimed on Twitter that charging your device can result in personal data sharing, therefore this adds protection to public USB ports.
Osom confirmed the OV1’s stainless steel chassis, which is rare in Android phones. The iPhone 13 Pro has steel rims, thus the Saga’s design might be a good Android differentiation.

Titanium and Corning Gorilla Glass Victus would have been in the phone.

OV1 has a triangle camera array. The dual cameras and flash resembled the Fairphone 4.

Osom says the rear dual cameras are 48Mp and 12Mp, with a 16Mp sensor on the front, though no front shots have been provided.

The device’s back sported a circular fingerprint sensor, an unusual feature on current smartphones.

Osom won’t confirm the device’s size or type, so we can only assume. We’d hoping for an OLED panel with 120Hz refresh rate, but the rear fingerprint scanner could suggest LCD, which doesn’t support under-display scanners. Given the phone’s “beyond all-day” battery life, it will likely use an energy-efficient LTPO display that can reduce the refresh rate.
The phone will have sub-6 band 5G, NFC, and two physical SIM slots. Solana should be quiet.

On paper, the Osom OV1 didn’t distinguish out from other smartphones, but its privacy features made it interesting. We’ll see how much of the OV1 makes it to the Saga, but the phone’s audience has changed.


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