James Webb

Photobomb Galaxies Latest James Webb Jupiter Images

James Webb

The James Webb Space Telescope’s impressive track record continues with two new images showcasing Jupiter’s polar auroras; extremely faint rings, two moons, and photobombing galaxies.

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The telescope’s Near-Infrared Camera (NIRCam) was used to obtain these pictures; it employs three different infrared filters to reveal the planet in all its glory. Citizen scientist Judy Schmidt helped translate the wavelength data the telescope collected into photos.
Webb was able to detect not only the Northern and Southern Auroras; but also Jupiter’s rings. Which are a million times fainter than the planet itself. Small moons Amalthea and Adrastea are also visible. According to the ESA Webb website’s caption; “the fuzzy spots in the lower background are likely galaxies “photobombing” this Jovian view.” In the second picture; you can see Earth up close.
Since the initial set of photographs from the James Webb Space Telescope were made public in July. However, it has been impossible to ignore the telescope’s success. To satisfy our curiosity; we must observe such phenomena as cartwheel galaxies, cosmic cliffs, and Stephan’s Quintent. Visit the ESA Webb Image Library for access to the whole collection of photographs (Opens in a new window).

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