Roku OS 11.5

Roku OS 11.5 Adds Google TV’s ‘Continue Watching’ More Apps.

Roku OS 11.5
Roku OS 11.5 brings even more Google TV features

Roku, Google TV, and other platforms compete for the living room. However, Roku OS 11.5 integrates “continue watching” and other Google TV functionality.

Roku 11.5 adds Google TV functionality

Roku OS 11.5 provides important software changes in the coming months, many based on Google TV concepts.

“The Buzz” is a new Roku homescreen area for content discovery. This section has videos, interviews, and trailers. This section shows where material is available. Each TV episode or movie will indicate its available services, like Google TV.

“What to Watch” page adds “Save List” that works on Roku homescreen and app. Roku initially introduced it in its mobile app last year, but it didn’t operate until recently.

Save movies and programmes from all Roku channels with a button to stream later. The platform-wide save list available on the Roku home screen and What to Watch on Roku app.
“Continue Watching” will reveal stuff you’ve begun watching and can simply return to. This section links to Netflix, HBO Max, Paramount+, and Roku OS 10.5’s The Roku Channel.
Since “Oreo” in 2018, Android TV and Google TV have had this feature. Feature works with most major applications, though sometimes poorly. Instead of going to a section, it’s in the UI.

Roku OS 11.5 adds Bluetooth headphones, another Android TV functionality, and additional live TV categories. Roku launched a new Roku Express and wireless subwoofer.


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