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Rukari Austin Explains How To Build A Gaming PC from Scratch.

Gaming PC

If building a bespoke gaming PC with a CPU, GPU, motherboard, and case sounds intimidating, read on. Rukari Austin says creating your own PC gaming system is easier than you think, especially with GameStop’s PC gear in stores and online. GameStop’s new PC Gaming department in select stores lets you try out different components so you can find the right gear mix.

We’re just saying. Rukari has been a gamer since the original Halo launch and builds his own PCs. Here’s how Rukari can help you design your ideal gaming PC.

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CPU and GPU Combos Are Key

Your processor and GPU combination will give you the best visual fidelity and frame rate for your build, but some are more powerful than others. “Check GameStop and other online benchmarking tools to make sure your CPUs, GPUs, and other components will work together,” he stated.

Use the right motherboard

You’ll need a motherboard with the necessary sockets for the Ryzen 9 5900X and GeForce RTX 3080, right? Rukari recommends visiting GameStop to find out which motherboards work with which CPUs and GPUs. If you’re picky about performance specs, he also suggests reading product reviews. Rukari prefers motherboards with RGB lights. RGB is a deciding factor for him when coupling GPUs and motherboards.

Consider your monitor’s FPS

Rukari suggests assessing how your new build will function with your old monitor. “Having played both 4K and 1440 and leaning against my budget, I’m often happy playing on 1440 and getting 140 or 150 FPS from my CPU rather than 4K at 100 FPS,” he stated.

GameStop PC Gaming: Touchy-Feely

Rukari recently had a chance to check out one of GameStop’s new PC Gaming areas. “It was cool to see examples,” he remarked. “Seeing a 3080, 3070, and 3060, plus everything else you’d need for PC building, was phenomenal.”

Rukari says that creating your first gaming PC begins with compiling a list of parts that perform the way you want them to, reading reviews, and watching a YouTube lesson or two. “You need a processor, GPU, motherboard, memory, and SSD or MMD hard drive,” he stated. Rukari’s dream gaming rig:

Rukari’s New Beast

Rukari called his latest build “unstoppable” Rukari got the AMD 5950X and GeForce RTX 3090 during a GameStop Pro Access event. Rukari’s feeds, captures, and edits require 64GB RAM. The motherboard includes two NVMe slots, one for the OS and one for a Samsung 2TB 980 Pro NVMe SSD.

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